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Hanns Horse Transport

As a Geelong boy, Tim Shute is a horse person through and through: he grew up with horses, commenced his working life with them, and now operates a business transporting them from Melbourne to Adelaide and Sydney.

Every week his business, Hanns Horse Transport, is entrusted with a very valuable cargo, requiring the best form of transportation available. That’s why Tim chose an Iveco Stralis ATi 4x2 Rigid, when looking for a new vehicle to be the focus of the business.

Hanns Horse Transport was set up almost 50 years ago by Malcolm Hann, who subsequently transferred ownership to a business associate, for whom Tim commenced working about seven years ago as the company’s driver.

At this stage the business only did the Adelaide run, but was looking to expand. So as well as being the driver, Tim was charged with the task of helping set up and promote the Sydney run, which has since become a significant part of the business. More recently Tim, who continues as the main driver, and his wife took over the business.

The development of the Sydney run necessitated a new truck. The company had previously operated another Stralis, plus a couple of older Ivecos, so Tim was familiar with the brand. Yet this didn’t stop him thoroughly researching what else might be available, and still the Iveco came up trumps.

“The Stralis ATi 360 is the first vehicle I’ve purchased for the business since taking it over,” Tim said. “The previous owner had three Ivecos, and had always been happy with them. The research I did before buying this truck helped me understand why.”

Tim carefully compared the total cost of ownership of the Iveco with other competitors and was impressed by the Stralis.

“From my experience of over 15 years in the equine transportation industry, the Stralis is the best value for money European rigid truck on the market, as well as being the truck best suited to my needs.”

And as Tim points out, those are very specific needs, with the level of safety and comfort offered to his clients’ horses of paramount importance.

“Transporting horses safely and comfortably requires a specific kind of driving skill, with its emphasis on smooth gear changes, gradual braking, and all-in-all, a sensitive and caring attitude towards our cargo,” he said.

“Ride quality is critically important, and no truck does this better than the Stralis, with its front and rear electronically controlled air suspension.

“In addition, the auto-shift significantly helps avoid fatigue for the driver and maintain a smooth ride for the horses,” Tim continued, referring to the Iveco Eurotronic II automated 12-speed overdrive transmission.

“The turning circle can’t be bettered, which is very important for the driver, getting in and out of properties with tight gateways, and backing up to stables,” he said.

The needs of the driver were also at the forefront of his thinking when choosing his new truck.

“A comfortable driver is a safe and alert driver. The Stralis cabin, with its superior level of comfort and driving position, provides all the features possible in a truck to achieve this,” he added.

The Stralis cab is 2.28 metres in width, with an integrated sleeper, fully adjustable driver and passenger air suspended seats, and pneumatically controlled adjustable steering column.

Tim is also impressed with the power output from the 360hp / 265 kW 8 litre Euro 5 Cursor engine.

“The engine is fuel-efficient and quiet, and provides more power than we normally require, but I’d rather have it this way than ever be short of power. It’s a powerful truck that does everything we need easily,” he said.

The body attached to the Stralis was 100 per cent purpose-built for the highest level of horse transport by Premier Floats, one of Australia’s leading horse float body builders, and located nearby in Geelong.

“With the Stralis Rigid 4x2 having the lowest cab and chassis weight in its class, it means more weight can be put into the body to better look after the horses. I’m very pleased with the overall appearance and performance of the vehicle, but what’s inside the body is also of great importance.”

The interior is illuminated by LED lighting, as are the side and rear loading ramps. A minimum of three CCTV cameras monitor the whole interior, which is capable of carrying up to ten horses. The vision is relayed directly into the cabin, enabling the driver to keep an eye on all horses.

Each animal is placed in an individual bay, surrounded by large stallion dividers with floor- length heavy duty vented rubber. Bay sizes are fully adjustable, to suit any breed and size of horse, and the high ceiling adds to the sense of spaciousness. Insulated walls and superior natural ventilation further enhance the comfort of the horses’ environment.

Tim transports on average 40 to 50 horses a week, increasing beyond this number during peak times.

As the main driver, Tim regularly meets up with all the horse owners and trainers he transports for, maintaining the personal touch which has been the hallmark of the business since it first began operating.

“With its long history and established reputation, Hanns Horse Transport is well-known and respected in the equine industry. To help maintain that reputation, we need a truck that both looks the part and does the job as best as any can. In the Iveco Stralis we have that truck. As a total package it makes a very strong statement as the flagship of our business,” Tim noted proudly.

To his knowledge, Tim hasn’t yet transported a Melbourne Cup winner, but he knows as a certainty he has transported countless successful horses, ranging from national level show horses to high performance thoroughbreds. They can’t tell him themselves, but he’s equally certain they couldn’t be happier with the ride in his Iveco Stralis ATi.

Iveco Australia
Iveco Australia manufactures and imports commercial vehicles spanning the light, medium and heavy duty truck segments and, under the Iveco Bus brand, buses and coaches. The commercial vehicle range includes on and off-road models beginning with car licence vans, through to road train prime movers rated at up to 140 tonnes GCM. The ACCO and Powerstar vehicles, developed and produced specifically for the Australian market, complement Iveco’s worldwide best sellers such as the Daily, Eurocargo, Trakker and Stralis. Iveco vehicles are ably supported by a dedicated network of 50 dealerships and service outlets strategically located nationwide, offering aftersales services that include extended warranties, roadside assistance and programmed maintenance contracts.

Iveco’s Australian manufacturing base in Dandenong Victoria, represents a major investment in the local truck and bus industry. Iveco directly employs around 600 people nationwide and thousands more Australians in related industries, from retailing operations to component suppliers.

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Iveco employs close to 21,000 individuals globally. It manages production sites in seven countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America where it produces vehicles featuring the latest advanced technologies. 4,200 sales and service outlets in over 160 countries guarantee technical support wherever an Iveco vehicle is at work.

Iveco employs close to 21,000 individuals globally. It manages production sites in 7 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America where it produces vehicles featuring the latest advanced technologies. 4,200 sales and service outlets in over 160 countries guarantee technical support wherever an Iveco vehicle is at work.

For further information about Iveco: www.iveco.com
For further information about Iveco Australia: www.iveco.com.au
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