Hitting a rough stretch of road? There are no worries with the Daily E6 Motorhome’s strong, truck-like, solid steel, C-section chassis. This approach is unique to the Daily E6 range and sets it apart from many competitor models developed with car-derived underpinnings. The result is a robust load-bearing chassis that allows for greater load capacities, easier fitment of motorhome bodies and vehicle durability. And that’s a comfort for any journey – long or short.


The Daily range has long been a favourite for motorhome manufacturers looking to take advantage of the model’s many market-leading benefits. It’s no wonder that some of Australia’s leading motorhome manufacturers including Avida, Jayco, Suncamper, Paradise, Sunliner and Apollo/Winnebago are developing their latest designs on the Daily E6 platform.  



Harnessing the power of the Daily Motorhome’s Euro 6 diesel engine is either a conventional 6-speed synchromesh overdrive manual transmission or the Hi-Matic 8-speed full automatic. 

The Hi-Matic gives the driver ultimate flexibility as it can be used as a sequential transmission by selecting gears manually via its ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ positions. Hi-Matic also features ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ mode functions. Selecting ‘Eco’ delivers gear changes at lower RPMs, in turn reducing fuel consumption and peak torque, and softening the power curve. ‘Power’ mode holds the vehicle in each gear longer, giving access to maximum torque and power for even crisper acceleration if required.


Peace of mind for Daily E6 Motorhome owners comes via a standard comprehensive 3 year/200,000 kilometre warranty, with additional extended warranty options of up to 5 years/300,000 kilometres available at extra cost. When you need professional backup, the Daily E6 Motorhome is supported nationwide by a Dealer Network of over 60 outlets including parts and service facilities. That means professional backup whether you’re close or far from home.

With IVECO, you can also take control of your vehicle maintenance costs through a series of tailored service packages that maximise uptime and deliver the maintenance regime you want. And in the unlikely event of a break-down, IVECO Customer Care Centre is on call on 1800 4 IVECO (1800 448 326), and ready to connect you with your nearest IVECO Dealer.  


There’s a reason an IVECO Daily E6 continues to be the cab chassis of choice for some of Australia’s leading motorhome manufacturers. It’s because the Daily E6 Cab Chassis delivers class-leading levels of performance, safety and comfort. 

Performance comes from IVECO’s industry-leading 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission or a conventional 6-speed synchromesh overdrive manual and the choice of two powerful and fuel-efficient Euro 6-rated turbo diesel engines, while safety features include front and rear disc brakes with ABS, Electronic Stability Program, four airbags, Advanced Emergency Braking System and Adaptive Cruise Control. Add to these a car-like driving experience, an ergonomically designed cabin and quality interior appointments and you’ve chosen the perfect vehicle to take on Australia’s wide expanses. 


The Daily E6 Motorhome gives you the choice of two Euro 6 turbo diesel engines. Both deliver powerful performance while also meeting stringent Euro 6 emission standards. 

To achieve the Euro 6 rating, the Daily E6 Motorhome employs SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology that uses urea solutions such as AdBlue, a system that’s widely used in medium and heavy duty trucks.  AdBlue is injected into the hot exhaust stream and reacts with the harmful Nitrogen Oxides to form harmless nitrogen and water vapour, thus keeping emissions in check.  With the Daily E6 equipped with a 20 litre (nominal) AdBlue tank capacity, the vehicle will consume approximately three litres of AdBlue per 100 litres of diesel fuel (depending on driving conditions), meaning the operator will only need to refill the AdBlue tank every seven or so tanks of diesel.

The Daily E6 Motorhome offers two engine options:

  • 3.0 litre direct injection intercooled diesel with e-VGT producing 132 kW (180 hp)/430 Nm.
  • 3.0 litre variant - direct injection intercooled diesel with e-VGT producing 155 kW (210 hp)/470 Nm.


Long hours on the road exploring holiday destinations shouldn’t be marred by a lack of comfort. The Daily E6 Motorhome delivers a car-like driving experience that will enhance the drive, and make it a pleasurable part of the journey. The Daily E6 Motorhome offers a cabin that’s easy to enter and exit, along with a car-like driving position and cabin appointments that resemble those of a luxury passenger car rather than a light commercial vehicle. 

Cabin features include:

  • Heated and suspended fully adjustable driver’s seat
  • Access to functions via an ergonomically designed soft-touch steering wheel.
  • High resolution colour TFT instrument cluster featuring seven dedicated screen menus and over 100 points of information.
  • High quality interior appointments.
  • Innovative storage solutions.
  • Optional Hi-Connect multimedia and navigation system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and GPS by Tom Tom and Bluetooth.


IVECO knows less money spent maintaining your motorhome means more money to enjoy your travels. The Daily E6 Motorhome’s Euro 6 engines use less fuel than preceding models while still providing greater output and market-leading oil change intervals of 50,000km*. Other cost saving features include an idle stop/start system, an ‘Eco’ mode on selected models, an ‘Ecoswitch’ function to aid fuel economy, a front bumper replaceable in three sections to reduce replacement costs, angled headlights and hard wearing body strips to reduce and protect against minor knocks and scrapes.

*Conditions apply 


When you’re driving long distances to your holiday destination in your Daily E6 Motorhome, you’ll want a full suite of active and passive safety features to keep everyone safe. IVECO delivers with its standard front and rear disc brakes with ABS, Electronic Stability Program, four airbags and the availability of Lane Departure Warning. On top of that, the Daily E6 Motorhome includes as standard the enhanced ‘ESP9’ – a suite of clever stability control technologies.

Safety features include:

  • Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS).
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
  • Crosswind Assist.
  • ESP9 suite of stability control technologies - includes Anti-Lock Brakes, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Anti-Slip Regulator, Drag Torque Control, Hill Hold Control, Enhanced Under-Steering Control, Adaptive Load Control, Trailer Sway Mitigation, Hydraulic Rear-wheel Boost, Hydraulic Fading Compensation, Roll Movement Intervention and Roll Over Mitigation.
  • Optional features include Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), full LED headlamps, Hill Descent Control, City Brake, Queue Assist and Traction Plus.  

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