One of each IVECO for Track Excavations


After over 30 years in the construction and excavation industry, more recently Track Excavations proprietor, Daryl Crouch, decided to diversify – his truck fleet now includes models ranging from Stralis tippers and tautliners to ACCO compactors and even a Daily van.

With their Stralis ATi tippers featuring Sloane bodies and towing tag trailers, Daryl and his team remain a familiar site on housing estates and sub divisions in the Western Sydney growth corridor, but there’s also every chance that an ACCO compactor might be on site.

The excavation component of the business is predominantly involved in site preparation  including site cuts and levelling, while the company’s two 6x4 ACCO compactors with rear-loading Bucher Municipal bodies are used to pick-up bins containing building waste.

A Stralis ATi 360 tautliner fitted with a Hiab crane and an 18m³ Daily 50C van then come to the fore transporting empty bins from one construction site to another once works are complete.

Daryl has been using IVECO trucks since 2005 when he first purchased a Stralis.

“We bought our first Stralis tipper and kept it for over 12 years, and during that time we didn’t spend much money on it at all,” Daryl said.

“So we’ve kept buying IVECO models over the years – they’ve proven to be reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain.”

But it’s not just the longevity and low total cost of ownership that Daryl enjoys, the IVECOs are also comfortable to drive and extremely quiet both in and outside the cabin.

“The Stralis models in particular are just so quiet, this is good when you’re working on new building estates in the early mornings, as it minimises the noise and disruptions to the residents already living in the general area,” Daryl said.

“To keep the noise down, we’ve also made the move from tracked to wheeled loaders, they’re quieter and there’s also a lot less wear and tear on footpaths and roads.”

Between the excavation and waste collection businesses, Daryl employs around 16 staff and said that his drivers enjoy their time in the IVECO trucks and van.

“At the start some of them want North American trucks but it doesn’t take them long to appreciate what the IVECOs provide,” Daryl said.

“The cabin comfort and low noise is excellent and the whole layout is very ergonomic, all the vehicles are either AMTs or automatic which means they can just get in and drive, it’s a lot more relaxed and stress-free.”

Given his several decades working with trucks, Daryl has over the years also owned some other European brands as well as several North American vehicles and said that the IVECO models compared very favourably.

“The fuel consumption we get from the IVECO models compared to some of the other trucks we’ve had in the past I’m very happy with,” he said.

“We do the minor maintenance items on the vehicles ourselves and it’s all straight forward with the IVECOs, it helps keep costs down; for anything bigger we go back to our local dealership Sydney Trucks and Machinery.

“The IVECOs are built to work and have served us well for many years,” Daryl concluded.


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