New IVECO Euro 6 Stralis shows significant fuel efficiency gains in real-world conditions


Previewed at the last Brisbane Truck Show, IVECO’s new Euro 6 Stralis development vehicles are amassing kilometres with selected fleets around Australia, providing invaluable real world performance information.

For CEVA Logistics sub-contractor Mark Schipper, the latest Euro 6 4x2 prime mover is his fourth Stralis model – most recently he operated a Euro 5 version of the same model – and it’s the best one yet, according to him.

Based in Sydney, Mark uses the Stralis in a single trailer application transporting vehicles throughout country New South Wales and as far afield as Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Now over a year on the job, the Stralis has already clocked around 240,000 kilometres of trouble-free running.

The latest truck introduces a completely new driveline, delivering a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership and CO2 emissions as it moves from a Euro 5 to a Euro 6-compliant powerplant.

The Euro 6 model features an 11 litre IVECO Cursor common rail engine, up from the 10 litre displacement of the previous generation engine and also benefits from a new unit injection set-up. Power remains the same at 460hp but torque in the new engine is up 50Nm to 2150Nm.

Despite the increase in capacity and a greater output, the larger engine also offers improved fuel efficiency and a less stressed duty cycle.

“Fuel consumption in the new model is noticeably lower and fuelling costs are several hundred dollars lower per month than with the previous model,” Mark said. 

Other features of the new engine is an Electronically-managed Variable Geometry Turbocharger (EVGT) for improved efficiency and output, and IVECO’s new ‘HI-SCR’ system as featured in Euro 6 Eurocargo models.

The HI-SCR system is a single after-treatment system featuring passive DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Simple, lightweight and efficient, HI-SCR provides many benefits compared to EGR and SCR equivalents, including reduced fuel consumption, reduced tare weight and improved engine braking (up to 30 per cent better).

The system also uses fewer components for increased simplicity and does not require driver regeneration, providing reduced vehicle downtime and absolving the risk of the vehicle entering ‘limp home’ more in event of driver neglect.

The engine has been developed from IVECO’s European Euro 6 (Step C) platform, which has already been successfully used in the company’s European-spec Stralis models for several years.

“The new Stralis is quiet, there’s barely any engine noise, it’s comfortable and as easy to drive as a car,” he said.

“Combined with the AMT, it’s a great mix – why would you want to change gears if you don’t have to. I can be in this truck for as long as 14 hours a day, yet when I get out at the end of the day I still feel fresh.

“Big improvements have also been made in recent years to the safety and technology featured in these trucks – this one has adaptive cruise control and a lane departure warning system, there’s now also a touchscreen multimedia system with Bluetooth and steering wheel-mounted controls,” Mark added.

With drive routes often seeing Mark many kilometres from home, he sleeps in the truck three or four nights a week but still manages to get good rest thanks to the Stralis cabin’s generous dimensions.

“I’ve got the high roof option which allows me to stand fully upright inside the cabin and access to the sleeping area is very good,” he said.

“The bunk area has all the space I need to have a good sleep, I’ve also fitted a cabin cooler for the warmer months.

“I really like the IVECO Stralis range and this is easily the best one I’ve owned – the Stralis has really come of age.”


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