IVECO Daily motorhome has a secret inside


On the road, Don and Maureen Kennedy’s Daily motorhome might look like the hundreds of others you regularly see driven around the country by ‘grey nomads’, but once their 70C is at the caravan park, eyebrows raise.

As well as having all the usual mod-cons that you’d expect from a quality motorhome, when the Daily’s rear hydraulic door opens, on-lookers are shocked to see a car inside.

Admittedly it’s not a huge car, but it’s all that’s needed as owner Don explains.

“I know there are a lot of people that tow a small vehicle on a trailer behind their motorhome, but I really didn’t like the thought of towing, so began thinking of ways to accommodate a car on-board,” Don said.

“It took a lot of research and planning to design a system that would work on this size platform, but fortunately I came across a company called Beyond Caravans who had a lot of experience making slide-on campers and caravans, and they turned the vision into reality – they did a great job.”

Once the couple are parked-up, unloading their micro car is just a process of un-restraining the vehicle and driving it off via the foldable ramps, this then provides them with a convenient runabout while freeing up interior space to lower the ‘Happijac’ bedlift system which happens at the touch of a button.

The motorhome also features hydraulic jacks at each corner to ensure that once the couple pull-up for the evening or longer stays, levelling the vehicle is easy – in fact just about everything on this Daily build is automated, ensuring 76-year-old Don doesn’t raise a sweat during set-up.

Don is no stranger to IVECO, having previously owned a 2006 Daily cab chassis with slide-on camper body, so when the time came to select a platform for the new build, the Daily was at the top of the list.

“Our 2006 Daily was a fantastic truck that we used to travel around Australia, as good as it was though, it’s nothing compared to how great this new model is,” he said.

In specifying the Daily, Don selected the market-leading IVECO 3.0 litre, twin-turbo engine producing 205hp and 470Nm or torque, and this is matched to the popular 8-speed Hi-Matic full automatic transmission providing power and ease-of-use on the road.

Other features of this Daily that makes it ideal for the application are factory airbag rear suspension and suspended driver and passenger seats, which help smooth out any bumpy roads, while the IVECONNECT multimedia system with reversing camera makes parking the Daily much easier.

Don said that although he requires a light truck licence to drive it, the Daily 70C was the ideal size for the build. 

“The Daily 70C provided us with the wheelbase and chassis length we wanted for the project without needing to worry about modifying these areas,” he said.

“It’s the perfect size for us, I’m an older guy and wouldn’t want to be driving anything much bigger – as is, it’s absolutely beautiful to drive, it’s very car-like.”

On the inside the Daily motorhome is equipped with en-suite facilities, a generous size kitchen, a washing machine and extensive storage spaces. A slide-out area on one side of the vehicle also considerably increases living space for the couple.

To allow the couple to stay totally self-sufficient for several days away from mains power, the vehicle’s also fitted with a 3000W inverter, 600W roof-top solar panels and 600A batteries, while on board water tanks means there’s no scrimping on showers.

As well as having a great customer experience with Beyond Caravans, Don said he was also pleased with the level of support and guidance provided to him by the selling IVECO dealer, STM (Sydney Truck and Machinery). 

“We bought our first Daily through STM and they were again fantastic to deal with second time around,” he said.

“We’ve done one trip from Sydney to Melbourne so far in the Daily and we’re really looking forward to our next trip away.”


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