IVECO Daily fleet on the tools for TTi Brands


A fleet of six new IVECO Daily 50C vans operated by leading tool company, Techtronic Industries, is providing tradies with the added convenience of trialling and purchasing some of Australia´s most respected tool brands on site.

Stocked with the latest AEG Powertool products as well as a range of hand tool and accessory brands, the Daily vans provide a mobile showroom experience, while also allowing customers to handle and demonstrate the tools in the field.

Taking the equipment directly to customers whereby saving them time and increasing their productivity, seemed like a logical move for TTi Brands, and accordingly the company now has vans servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth while also traveling into regional zones.

TTi Brands’ Business Development Manager for trade brands, Matt McInerney, said the new vans were purchased because TTi wanted to increase the level of convenience and customer experience of its work site program, while also growing its reach.

“Previously our team visited tradespeople on site using predominantly dual cab utilities and we were restricted by the size of these vehicles,” Matt said.

“These Dailys feature a high roof and volume of 18m³, providing full standing height in the back for staff and customers while also giving us a generous area to display our range of tools and equipment.”

The inside of the vans feature customised fit-outs using pegboards and drawers to display a range of powertools as well as striking and measurement tools and a broad selection of related powertool accessories. The vans are also equipped with transaction devices, allowing customers to purchase products directly from the vehicles, minimising their downtime by not having to leave the work site.

The vans themselves all feature 3.0litre, 170hp engines coupled to IVECO’s market-leading Hi-Matic full automatic 8-speed transmission making the vehicles easy to drive, while the factory reversing camera and parking sensors help drivers park the big vans once on site.

In the event that added traction might be needed on slippery work sites, the vans are also equipped with rear differential locks. 

Matt said that considerable market research was done by the company prior to eventually selecting the Daily.

“Our main considerations were safety, vehicle size and payload and getting something that was comfortable and easy-to-drive,” he said.

“The Daily had the volume and carrying capacity we needed, while still being able to be driven on a passenger car licence – combined with the auto transmission that means there are no limitations on who we could recruit to drive the vans.

“Safety was another priority. The Daily has a long list of standard safety features while the parking aids also make life a lot easier for the drivers.

“Finally, it was also important to provide our team members with a comfortable working environment because the vans are like a mobile office – they’ll process payments and after site visits complete account updates and make customer calls, so they can spend considerable time in the vans. 

“The driver feedback on the vans has been great and we’ve recently ordered additional Daily models which will go into service in Adelaide, while extra vans will be added in Sydney and Melbourne.”


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