Recalls or campaigns are an integral part of vehicle safety and customer satisfaction across the vehicle industry. They may be targeted to address specific product improvements considered of value to customers, or in specific circumstances to address a safety concern identified by Dealers or OEM technical departments.

Australian legislation requires manufacturers to report safety campaigns to the ACCC, notify individual owners/purchasers, and provide regular reports back to the government. A recently completed campaign for the replacement of Eurocargo E6 driver airbag (100% of affected vehicles addressed) is an example of a recent IVECO safety campaign.

In the IVECO world, we refer to these actions as Product Improvement Programs (PIPs). The scope of an individual PIP may vary widely and as a manufacturer, contacting owners can be problematic as people relocate, vehicles are resold or change hands, and so on.

The purpose of this page is to provide IVECO owners with PIP related information which will be updated from time to time to reflect the current status.


Heavy Range - Acco, X Way, Stralis

P23 Acco Overwidth - certain vehicles with a specific axle configuration have been determined as exceeding the maximum permitted vehicle width. While there are no safety implications, IVECO is required to fit replacement hubs with shorter studs to comply.

P46 Acco Seat Belt - Following identification of an error by the supplier, a small number of vehicles need the seat belt mounting bolts replaced.

Medium Range - Eurocargo

No current PIPs to be communicated.

Light Range - Daily, Daily 4x4

P45 Daily 35S, 50C Van Tow Bar - There is potential for the IVECO branded accessory towbar to be fitted incorrectly. This may result in damage to the towbar or vehicle chassis rails and has been deemed a safety recall.


For further information on whether your individual vehicle may be affected, contact any IVECO dealer and quote the vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Alternatively, contact 1800 4 IVECO, ask your question and quote your VIN and email address. Our contact centre or IVECO will respond with the relevant information.