Paired to the Cursor 8 engine, in the 4x4 model, is a ZF 16-speed manual transmission engaged via a single dry plate clutch.  Alternatively, IVECO’s Eurotronic II 12-speed automated transmission is available as an option.

The 6x6 Trakker uses the ZF Eurotronic II 16-speed automated transmission which has an electronically controlled clutch engagement. While driving in automated mode, the Eurotronic II transmission automatically selects the most ideal gearshift according to such inputs as load, road speed and road incline. This transmission also provides the flexibility to manually select gears, should the application and track conditions require it.  

Both transmissions were jointly developed with ZF to deliver optimum performance, advanced drivability and superior fuel economy.


The IVECO Trakker is a genuine off-road vehicle, with permanent all-wheel-drive to all axles. Parabolic leaf springs, anti-roll bars and shock absorbers are fitted on the front suspension while the rear suspension is an IVECO Cantilever set-up in the 6x6 and parabolic leaf springs in the 4x4. The 4x4 enjoys an 8 tonne front axle limit and 13 tonnes in the rear, while the front suspension in the 6x6 has a load capacity of 9 tonnes and the rear suspension has a capacity of 26 tonnes. All up, they’re powerful combinations that strike the right balance between vehicle articulation, load carrying ability and comfort.


The Trakker 4x4 is powered by IVECO's versatile Cursor 8, 6 cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine, while the 6x6 employs the popular Cursor 13, 6 cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. To meet Euro 5/ADR 80-03 emission standards, both engines are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, reducing the level of toxic gases emitted from the engine and providing a significant decrease in fuel consumption.

Trakker engine details are:

  • 4x4 powered by IVECO's versatile Cursor 8, 6 cylinder, 7.8 litre turbocharged diesel engine producing 360 hp (265 kW) and 1106 Ib/ft (1500 Nm) of torque.
  • Equipped with the ZF 16-speed manual transmission or optional Eurotronic II ZF 12-speed automated manual.
  • 6x6 powered by the popular Cursor 13, 6 cylinder, 12.9 litre turbocharged diesel engine producing 450 hp (336 kW) and 1620 lb/ft (2200 Nm) of torque.
  • Paired with the ZF Eurotronic II 16-speed automated transmission with sensors that measure throttle response, road surface and inclines to select the correct gear at the right time.


The Trakker cab is known for its superior ergonomics and high levels of comfort. The well designed cabin features work to lessen the impact on the driver and passengers, particularly after long periods driving over rugged terrain. 

Key Trakker cabin features include:

  • Superior cab soundproofing.
  • A pneumatic suspended driver’s seat.
  • A fully adjustable steering column.
  • Multiple, easily accessible, high capacity storage compartments.
  • Sleeper or day cab (day cab only for 4x4).


The Trakker range is built for the rugged stuff, and ready to deliver.  It has proven itself in a wide variety of heavy industry applications including mining, exploration, drilling and forestry.

Available in 4x4 or 6x6 configuration, the Trakker features a long list of components that make it perfect for applications requiring a higher payload or greater volumetric load including IVECO parabolic leaf spring suspension (4x4) or cantilever suspension (6x6) and the choice of IVECO Cursor 8 (4x4) and Cursor 13 (6x6) engines ranging in output from 360hp to 450hp. With GVMs ranging from 18t – 50t, the IVECO Trakker makes light work of even the toughest conditions.


MODEL AD / AT450 6X6 AD 360 4X4
CAB Day Cab or Sleeper Cab Day Cab
WHEELBASE / AF 4.52M / 2.55M

3.800M / 1.195M

4.200M / 1.195M

4.500M / 1.780M

ENGINE Cursor 13 Litre Enro 5 Cursor 8 Litre Euro 5


1620 LB/FT


1106 LB/FT / 1500NM

TRANSMISSION ZF Eurotronic II 16 Speed automated ZF 16-speed manual or optional Eurotronic II 12-speed automated manual
REAR AXLE RATIO 4.23 : 1 4.67 : 1

Front: Parabolic leaf springs

Rear: IVECO cantilever

Front and rear parabolic leaf springs

GVM / GCM Up to 33 tonnes / Up to 50 tonnes 18 tonnes / 44 tonnes*

1X300 Litres (RHS)

Optional: 1X300 Litres (RHS) + 1X200 Litres (RHS)



As a competitor, over many years, in the world-famous Dakar Rally, the IVECO Trakker is a rugged off-road competitor, purpose built for demanding conditions and capable of withstanding the toughest of work. 

Available in  4x4 and 6x6 configuration, and with a suspension that provides superior articulation with excellent load carrying abilities, the Trakker makes light work of the toughest conditions and delivers the performance and productivity IVECO stands for.

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