Brake Pads and Discs

The importance of the braking system.

The efficiency of your vehicle's braking system is an essential factor in your daily work. A properly maintained braking system means better performance and increased safety. This is why it is necessary to choose only Iveco Original Replacement Parts, the only replacement parts capable of guaranteeing constant performance over time and high quality standards. With ORIGIN 100% brake discs and pads, you'll always be on the safe side.

100% Original safety. The allies of efficient braking.

Original Iveco brake pads are in three layers and made using the highest quality materials, ensuring excellent resistance to wear. The pads, like the brake discs, are subject to rigorous bench tests to measure performance, wear, resistance to vibration and resonance frequency.

Only Original brake pads, with their special composition and rigorous testing, maintain their performance over time and allow safe braking in all conditions.

See our PDF brochure to find out why you should always choose genuine.