Benefits for the customer

As well as supporting Australian workers and ensuring that this important vehicle manufacturing industry knowledge and infrastructure remains part of this country’s skillset for the future, there are also many tangible benefits for IVECO customers.

Being locally-made provides owners a lot of flexibility and allows for greater customisation and faster availability of vehicles.

IVECO can be extremely responsive to customer needs and can value-add by offering services such as painting down the line to suit customer fleet livery – all this in-house process provides a faster delivery time while remaining very cost competitive.

For customers, a more efficient build process means a more cost effective buying proposition and a faster build, so the truck is out working and earning money sooner.

The fully imported models marketed by competitors provide a limited choice, and anything that a buyer requires that doesn’t fit a template needs to be organised at additional cost with a local body builder and involves a longer build process.

In comparison, locally-built IVECOs can be modified on the production line to suit the truck’s intended application; bolt holes and other fastening points can be customised as can the positioning of auxiliary components such as fuel, air tanks, exhaust systems and other similar items.

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