While riding motorcycles across the Outback with Daryl Beattie Adventures sounds like a fantastic experience, it wouldn’t be possible without a tough and reliable support vehicle such as the Eurocargo 4x4. The truck features many standard specifications that allow it to excel off-road including a full time 4x4 system with hub reductions and lockable differentials. The vehicle is responsible for carrying all of the riders’ food, water, bedding and emergency breakdown supplies and travels with Daryl on tours to Cape York, across the Simpson Desert, along the Canning Stock Route and to other locations.

This year Daryl Beattie Adventures has also added a dual cab, Daily 4x4 to its fleet, allowing non-riders to travel as passengers in the truck, to experience all the great sites and activities of Daz’s adventures.

Q and A with Daryl ‘Daz’ Beattie

Q. When did you begin Daryl Beattie Adventures (DBA), and where did the idea come from?

We started Daryl Beattie Adventures in 2014 in our back yard with not many working facilities and all 12 bikes lived in the house. I have always enjoyed the outback being born in Charleville QLD and my love for Cape York came about from fishing up there for the past 20 plus years.

Q. What sort of people normally participate in your tours?

Lot’s of people from different back grounds professionally. But the common interest is 2 and 4 wheels and the love of our country and telling a good yarn around the fire.

Q. What was it that attracted you to the Eurocargo 4x4 to use as a support truck for DBA?

I really enjoy telling customers that i sent an email to Iveco HQ asking if they would be interested in being part of the Daryl Beattie Adventures journey. I got an immediate response and after a meeting we had a new ML150 4x4 being shipped from NZ. Reliability is such an important factor and we have not had an issue that has stopped us from completing our tours from Canning Stock Route, Simpson Desert, Cape York and the Kimberley region.Q. Has the truck performed to your expectations?
Has is what!! And the other great thing is…. It’s competitors are more expensive and don’t do a better job.

Q. We hear that in coming months you will also be adding a Daily 4x4 to the DBA fleet, how will this truck be used?

We get phone calls asking if there are seats available in the Eurocargo. So after a year of discussions with customers we feel like there is room for a Daily 4x4 on our fleet for riders that want to share the journey with a mate or for customers that enjoy our fun and want to ride in the daily with comfortable air seats all-round!

Q. Of your current adventure destinations, which one is your favourite?

That is a cruel question… Our competitors don’t mix up the tour destinations like we do, so i find that every year for us it feels new even though we have been there the previous season. I love all the tours in a different way.. But i think the Canning Stock Route is one of the great journeys.

Q. Are there plans to add more trips to other destinations in the future?

We are always looking at new routes and destinations. I have a few that will make it onto our website in the coming years.

Q. Do you miss riding around racetracks at high speed?

NO! But i get to watch the amazing new breed of riders and bikes battle it out with my job commentating MotoGp on Network Ten.

Q. Do you have a favourite racing moment or career highlight?

No doubt finishing 3rd in the world Title in 1993 and then 2nd in 1995. I also think that the Suzuka 8 hour race victory sits well up there.

Q. Aside from your interest motorsports and motorcycle riding, do you have any other hobbies people might not know about?

Aviation was a big passion and i had my commercial helicopter license along with private fix wing, ballooning license,paragliding and parachuting….Then i became father and the passion is there still, but being a small business owner you need to prioritise a few things.

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