Overseen by prominent Australian off-road identity, Simon Christie, the brand ‘4wdTV’ encompasses three TV shows: YOUR4X4, Life Off Road and 4wd ProTips.  The programs attract huge television viewing audiences and also enjoy a flourishing social media presence, making them an ideal platform to demonstrate the benefits of IVECO’s off-road range, particularly the Daily 4x4.

IVECO Daily 4x4s are regularly seen on all three television programs and the social media sites, travelling to some of Australia’s most picturesque and demanding locations, giving viewers a taste of their capabilities while also imparting valuable off-road driving techniques and touring information.

YOUR4X4 is a destination and touring show running on 7Mate. Life Off Road, also on 7Mate, is a magazine format program covering all aspects of the 4x4 lifestyle including motor sport and local trips with mates. 4wd ProTips on Foxtel is an educational show providing hints and tips to ensure viewers can get the most out of their 4wds and 4wd experiences.


Q. When did you first begin four wheel driving?
My first experiences 4wdriving were in a 1977 LJ50 Suzuki on a friend’s farm.  From chasing rabbits to rounding up stock and fixing fences, these early child hood memories shaped my skills and interest in all outdoor areas.

Q. What is the Daily 4x4 like compared to other four wheel drives you've driven?
The first thing you notice about the Daily when you approach it is the size; it definitely has a far more ominous appearance in real life than in photos. But with that said, the Daily is incredibly easy to drive and actually handles and steers more like a small car. The seating position, access to controls, view of the road and ease of handling make a it a joy to drive but it’s in extreme terrain that the real potential of it’s 4x4 capabilities come into play. From factory, the vehicle is arguably one of the most capable 4wds on the market and as a multi purpose highway and off-road workhorse the vehicle shines in all areas. When you add in the appearance, load carrying capacity, storage options and spacious cabin, the Daily offers far more adaptability, driving pleasure and drivability than any other vehicle I have driven.

Q. What are the main benefits the Daily 4x4 has compared to other passenger car licence 4x4s?
Size, load carrying ability (size and weight), presence, adaptability, tough performance.

Q. What is your favourite Australian off-road destination or track?
I have many favourite destinations, tracks and spots only accessibly with a well set up 4x4 but each location varies depending on the type of trip and vehicle set up. Sometimes it’s experiencing a three day trek across a desert 2000km from home and some times it’s a hard core day trip enduring extreme terrain close to home. For over all driving experience though, my favourite single destination would be The Kimberley in Western Australia. For wow factor, remoteness, rugged terrain, scenery, challenges and Indigenous Culture. It is one of Australia’s most iconic 4x4 destinations.

Q. What is your favourite overseas off-roading destination?
I have been fortunate to experience off-roading in Thailand, China, Inner Mongolia, Malaysia, Hawaii, Japan, Brunei, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and The Philippines but my favourite destination would be Vietnam where my experiences of driving across the bottom of lakes is unequalled.

Q. Are there any destinations that you haven´t yet visited that you´d like to?
Thompson’s Track on the North Island of NZ runs over the Coramandel Peninsula from Paeroa to Kati Kati. Both lives and vehicles have been lost on this arduous and challenging track. It’s a legendary experience that is at the top of my international 4x4 hit list.

Q. Name your three most important pieces of vehicle recovery equipment.

  1. An electric winch is an adaptable and powerful tool that’s useable in multiple 4x4 recovery and track clearing situations.
  2. A snatch strap is a quick and easy tool for vehicle to vehicle recoveries.
  3. Tred Boards offer solid traction across almost any terrain and are quick and easy to use.

Q. When you´re not out on the road filming your television programs, what do you get up to, do you have any other interests?
4wdriving is a consuming passion and business interest that allows my wife and I to employ 8 production staff for our TV shows. Outside of this I run an elite education program preparing top level High School students for Medical School entrance interviews and exams. Three times a week I teach self defence to front line Police, security professionals and the public. And when ever I can I am in the gym lifting weights.


  • Our touring and destination program is a unique and inspiring look at what the average person can do with their own 4x4. With a focus on remote area travel, this half hour program covers the journey to and from, local history and attractions and the characters that make up our wonderful country.

  • Life Off Road follows a magazine format with a mix of off road motor sport reports, 4x4 trip reports, editorials, special features and tips and techniques. Fans will see everything they loved from 4wd TV plus a whole lot more with a refreshed level of production and story telling.

  • This half hour program shows you how to set up your 4wd, where you can take it and how to get the most from it.

    There are plenty of tips and techniques and Australia's leading 4x4 experts provide up to do date and precise advice to help you get more from your 4x4.